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Luxurious 100% certified organic bamboo, Women's Seamless underwear with Curved back cut. It will feel like your own skin.

This product is engineered with utter care and delicacy to give you that extra comfort, which you always needed. Soft like silk with every wash.

This product will come with a special detailed Luxurious packaging.

Luxurious feeling and ultrasoft, seamless construction with carefully fused waist elastic inside the fabric will leave you with your "own skin" feel. This underwear is engineered to give you "the NO UNDERWEAR" feel, which you always thrived for. 

Our bamboo is carefully souced 100% Ecocert Certified Organic and made using the super soft extruded viscose method. 

Our bamboo is totally breathable and magically absorbent. These will keep you cool all day long in all your daily activities from morning yoga to office, to gyming to party, and climaxing to a dreamy relaxing sleep. 

All our underwears are double gusseted and are suitable for every body type, they come in all sizes from S to 3XL. 


We ship worldwide, Canada wide shipping is free for over $100 orders, US shipping is free for over $200 orders and  International shipping is free for over $250 orders.

Lux Women's Seamless underwear with curved back.

Color: black
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