About us

“Parvesh Jai” Resort-Wear dresses have a distinguished way of making any day a fun-day, with unique designs, comfortable silhouettes, sustainable fabrics and delicate embellishments.


At “Parvesh Jai”, We design, develop and Manufacture the most exquisite Resort-Wear collection available for shipping world-wide. Everything is designed in Vancouver, Canada and manufactured from 100% sustainable fabrics with environment friendly manufacturing process. Our graphics team designs unique prints, which we imprint on the highest quality sustainable fabrics like Viscous, Bamboo, cotton, etc. Our trained drapers and seamstresses transform these fabrics to an exceptional silhouette working closely with our design-embellishment expert team. Not only do all our designs meet the highest standards of quality but are also completely unique and sophisticated. You will never be disappointed in a “Parvesh Jai” design and will look exceptionally fashionable from head to toe in one of our masterpieces.


Presenting proudly Our exclusive designer ensembles online with a 30-day guarantee. For the most breathtaking Resort-Wear designs from Canada, Shop from our stunning and extra-ordinary Collection. Choose from a wide range of Jumpsuits, Long Kaftans, Short Kaftans, Rompers, dresses, tops, as well as some basic silhouettes in unique prints to rock a high-fashion look. We guarantee you an exceptionally designed and delicately constructed ensemble which will load you in the rain of compliments.